Customized Software Development


Customized Software solutions at Anteris are developed with an objective to create great possibilities for your business framework. We analyze and interact across your key departments and support functions like accounts, marketing, operations, administration etc. to create a system that best interprets and resolves your business needs.

Following detailed analysis of client’s requirement, our expert teams create user-friendly designs & basic wire-frames which are eventually developed into robust solutions after meticulous coding. Your Customized Software is delivered after precise testing and debugging to ensure smooth implementation. Not only during the entire process of development, even post implementation, we offer full-fledged service to help you operate and utilize the product most suitably for all your organizational needs.

Application Management

With over a decade of successful global operations and technological expertise, Anteris has been developing custom applications to help the clients in optimizing operational procedures for enhanced results and overall productivity. Beyond developing applications to suit established requirements, our application management services offers unique advantage of developing, maintaining & upgrading applications to constantly support your ever-growing business needs and adapting technological changes. It not only entails agile engagement during the development phase of application but also ensures support during the assembly, integration, implementation, and entire lifecycle of application management. Our Application Management focuses on assessing all your business needs, synchronize & integrate your complete portfolio of applications with an aim to add efficiency and provide seamless functioning across various levels of your organization. It also enables to optimize performance and the cost of your vital business applications.

While our technology applications exist to fulfill several niche needs of clients, we leverage our expertise and strengths in application management to boost their core competence for enhanced results and productivity. Our emphasis is making growth relevant to your needs, adapting transformation into smooth optimal practices, and ensuring life-cycle management that makes sure the application is ready for future business.

ERP Development

Having developed many successful enterprise solutions for a wide range of industries and clients across the globe, Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions have gained wide recognition as one of the most effective and comprehensive enterprise solutions. Through ERP solutions, we aim to enhance your overall organizational efficiency by synchronizing all key functions & support services through a common integrated system.

We always adopt the best practices & unified approach while framing an agile ERP system to suit all your business needs. The process starts with thorough study of your existing operational framework, further interpreting and analyzing your enterprise resources helps us discerningly organize and optimize your current operations. This lets us create an automated intelligent system that resourcefully integrates with your entire operational framework to allocate and connect your enterprise needs and resources.

In addition to web based ERP applications, ERP software, and other ERP application development services, we also provide complete implementation, maintenance, service, integration, revision, migration services for all our ERP solutions.

API Integration Services

With the rising availability of useful and tested APIs, It is now more effective to integrate data with reliable third party applications. While developing new application is strenuous and time consuming, integrating resourceful APIs is handy and more convenient to use.

Whether it is creating and implementing APIs for multiple platforms, integrating web feeds in PHP to enable content usage, synchronizing two or more soft-wares or developing custom APIs, we have profound knowledge & expertise in delivering customized API integration services to completely suffice your business needs.

Be it payment related APIs, online SaaS applications, integrating SMS gateway, travel related APIs or social media APIs, we serve you with hassle-free integration solutions including our special expertise in integrating Google APIs, eBay Store API, Amazon APIs, Facebook Connect APIs, along with customized API Development.

Validation & Testing

Howsoever complex and time consuming it may get, but Validation & Testing is an unavoidable and integral process in development lifecycle of any software/ application. With wide cross-functional experience in developing and validating IT solutions, Anteris Software Solutions offers comprehensive Testing services using appropriate technologies and methodologies to make your software applications absolutely error free.

To validate the reliability and quality of Software Products, our testing process involves several steps of verification and authentication over multiple parameters. Our validation process is designed not only to identify and eliminate the defects in the software but also to ensure that it is responsive and consistent to meet your specific requirements.

Our validation solutions have been developed using cutting-edge technologies to secure the highest degree of quality assurance for your software applications. We endeavor to eliminate inherent bugs & inefficiencies to ensure uninterrupted functioning of your software applications and improve adaptability to match up your evolving needs.


Product Engineering


Be it designing and development of a component, a new product, a streamlined solution or an entire system, process optimization, localization or customization; our product engineering solution encompasses everything from analyzing system requirements, creating the basic architecture, designing and developing the software, implementing and testing it in a systematic frame. While our skilled teams work across different phases of Product Development Life Cycle, we also ensure our client’s engagement and control to devise the most befitting product-engineering solutions.

We not only choose the most appropriate technology that fits well with precisely identified needs of client’s product but we also proficiently chose components, processes and licensing tools to flexibly package and safe-guard your products, helping you to resolve possible conflicts, procure licenses and manage updates.

We create end-to-end, affordable solutions for our clients to enable seamless integration of processes for optimized, cost-effective & timely development of new products. Beyond adding speed & reducing costs, our product engineering service also entails customization, localization, innovation and process improvement to provide our clients additional competitive advantage over their peers in the market.